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Different jobs require different concrete mixes. A volumetric concrete mixer may be perfect for a small domestic project, whereas ready-mix concrete might work better on a larger industrial project. At Volume Metric Concrete, our staff can talk you through the options and provide expert advice on which to choose, always with a free quote before you commit. We’re proud to offer this service not just in Kent but across all of South East London.

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Ready-mix considerations

There are a number of advantages to choosing ready-mix concrete, not least of all because it’s BSI accredited. This means the mix will always be consistent and high-quality. It’s also an excellent choice when time is of the essence, as the loading and offloading times are quick. On the flipside, there are only two hours to use the concrete from the time of batch, and premixed material cannot be returned without a cost to the user. Additionally, you can only give the same mix as is loaded.

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Volumetric advantages and disadvantages

Choosing a volumetric concrete mixer means that your material can remain usable until it’s mixed, and can be changed (for instance, from dry to wet) at any time. Volume Metric Concrete can do milk runs off of a single load and guarantee that no waste will be left at the end. Disadvantages include excessive dust, the potential for bleed water, and an inconsistent mix if the material gets wet. As the mixing relies on the operator’s experience, the latter is easily possible if you use less-experienced suppliers.

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