Concrete supplier terms for Kent and South East London

Volume Metric Concrete operates with a few concrete supplier terms. While we do not offer a supply and lay service or leveling service, we supply products under your guidance and can advise you if needed. Our operators should have suitable access to offload products, unobstructed by parked vehicles. Please use sheets to cover nearby items in danger of being splashed by concrete. Our operator will assist in post-work cleaning. Our terms of delivery will be shown and a signature will be required to accept them, after which the vehicles will leave the site.

Our sales terms

For clients in both Kent and across South East London, specific concrete supplier terms apply in all sales.

  • Firstly, both ready-mix concrete and mixed on-site deliveries must be paid for in advance. We do not offer credit without a prior account application being completed and approved by admin.
  • Secondly, ready-mix concrete must be used within two hours of batching to be BSI compliant and a charge will be incurred for the return of unused material. There is no charge for mix on-site as it remains useable.
  • Thirdly, materials supplied are the property of Volume Metric Concrete until paid for in full and we reserve the right to hold back any deliveries. In the event of a natural disaster, unwell staff, the breakdown of machinery, or an act of terrorism we will not be liable for any cost incurred by the end user or contractor.

Health and safety requirements

It’s important to understand that when using our concrete, you are your own health and safety officer. As a supplier, we cannot accept responsibility for harm caused by you contacting wet cement while using it yourself. Be vigilant when on-site, as concrete and screed contain chemicals which can cause health problems if touched or ingested and wet cement contact can lead to burns and other issues. Always seek medical help immediately.

Looking out for our staff

While on a job, the Volume Metric Concrete staff will always be found wearing the following:

  • Safety glasses
  • Safety boots or safety Wellington boots if walking in the concrete.
  • Pvc gloves
  • Protective trousers
  • Knee pads if kneeling in screed
  • Hard hat
  • Full sleeved top
  • Ear defenders if using vibrators

Any questions about our supplier terms? For extra clarity, call us today on

01322 427 999

01322 427999