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Access to high quality concrete is central to most, if not all construction projects in Biggin Hill. At VMC Concrete, quality concrete is available 24 hours a day. For years, VMC Concrete have provided concrete services that are beyond compare to Biggin Hill customers with a commitment to providing the best service around. This can be in or out of normal working hours. We are available to deliver concrete at a time to suit you, 24 hours a day. If you are looking for concrete in Biggin Hill or ready mix concrete in Biggin Hill, Volume Metric Concrete can help. Just call us or send us an email and we can get quality concrete to you quickly so you can keep working.

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Due to being so robust and versatile, concrete is suitable for both domestic and commercial construction work in Biggin Hill. VMC Concrete can cater to small DIY endeavours or large scale construction work. With pre measured concrete available to make your working day easier, we take the hard work out of preparing and mixing your concrete. All this while keeping your Biggin Hill site tidy, controlled quantities of concrete and on-site mixing services readily available.

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For those working on timetables and stringent schedules in Biggin Hill, ready mix concrete may be a great way for you to save time. With quick mixing times, you’ll be able to use your concrete on site quickly without compromising on quality. This is also mixed on site as another means of saving time and maximising productivity. So, there is no need to wait for trucks to arrive in Biggin Hill for you to get to work.

We can assist with concrete projects such as shed bases and driveways in Biggin Hill. We offer the exact amount of concrete required. We offer concrete screed services in Biggin Hill too. Concrete screed is perfect for many types of flooring, as well as underfloor heating in Biggin Hill. If we can offer any kind of assistance around your concrete or concrete screed needs in Biggin Hill, call the VMC Concrete team and they will be more than happy to help and dispatch concrete to your Biggin Hill site

  • Air-entrained
  • Fibre
  • Retarder
  • Superplasticizer
  • Waterproof mix
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Concrete pumps are another popular choice for construction work in Biggin Hill. Hiring a concrete pump can really show its worth when hauling concrete around any construction site as it makes things so much easier. Whether you’re dispensing concrete through difficult terrain or over obstacles and obstructions, our range of pumps, provide you the ability to make the right choice. Our range includes boomless minipumps as well as large boompumps as well as many sizes in between.

Both commercial and domestic projects can make use of concrete pumps in Biggin Hill. In the event of you needing help operating the pump, we always send a qualified operator out with our pumps for these situations. Using a concrete pump is much more advanced than traditional methods of working with concrete. It doesn’t matter if you’re a commercial customer or domestic DIY enthusiast, you won’t regret hiring one of our modern concrete pumps in Biggin Hill.

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