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People underestimate the importance of quality concrete during construction work in Swanley. At VMC concrete, we only provide the best concrete, with delivery 24 hours a day. We understand the necessity of flexibility when working to deadlines and this is reflected in our work through offering you quality concrete on demand in Swanley. Call us or email us and we address all of your concrete needs in Swanley. We can get the best concrete delivered to you quickly, at a time convenient to you. We’ve been offering concrete services in Swanley for decades and we have earned an esteemed reputation through hard work and efficient service.

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VMC concrete can be used for both commercial projects and domestic DIY in Swanley. A lot of smaller construction work states the amount of concrete needed to complete it without messy residue and leftovers to dispose of. At VMC Concrete in Swanley, on-site concrete mixing services are readily available to help with this. In the event of more concrete being required, we can still deliver more concrete to you in Swanley no matter what time of day.

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Over 12 years’ experience

There’s always an expert for your issue

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Don’t get caught out by hidden fees during a project

Eco-friendly operation

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We understand the time constraints and regimented working patterns of construction work. The perfect solution for speedy work comes in ready mix concrete. We bring ready mix concrete to your site in Swanley, meaning there is no need to spend hours doing the hard work preparing it for use. With ready mix concrete being so quick to make, you may even find yourself with a little spare time. Ready mix concrete can be used to install driveways and shed bases.

For flooring, concrete screed services can be used for underfloor heating installations in Swanley homes. It’s clearly visible that, for all our Swanley customers, concrete is highly versatile.

  • Air-entrained
  • Fibre
  • Retarder
  • Superplasticizer
  • Waterproof mix
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Concrete pump hire could add another element of ease and convenience to your Swanley construction project. Ideal for pulling heavy concrete around construction sites, concrete pumps make moving concrete to its desired location a breeze. We have a range of pumps for our Swanley customers to choose from. From boomless minipumps to large boompumps. All of them serve to aid in construction work being completed for our Swanley customers swiftly, safely and with maximum efficiency.

Concrete pumps are great for deliveries over unbalanced ground or around obstructions. There may be buildings in the way such as sheds or outhouses, or even trees and bushes. We’ll send a fully qualified operator to your Swanley construction site to offer assistance in operating the pump, again maximising productivity.

Concrete pumps can be used for all manner of commercial and domestic construction work in Swanley. The methods used as little as 20 years ago will seem like such hard work when you use the new equipment that VMC Concrete have to offer for your project in Swanley. All at prices too good to ignore.

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