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When carrying out construction work in Snodland, it is vital that you have access to quality concrete. Not only do you want access to this concrete, you inevitably want a delivery service that can deliver concrete at any time. VMC Concrete have provided people in Snodland with concrete services for many years and are resolute in giving our Snodland customers access to high quality concrete whenever needed. Even if this is put of core business hours, rest assured we are available to deliver concrete around the clock. If you’re in need for concrete in Snodland or ready mix concrete in Snodland, call Volume Metric Concrete today, or email us.

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Concrete services serve a multitude of purposes for both domestic and commercial building work. If you are carrying out a spot of DIY then you can utilise VMC Concrete to aid your project in Snodland. Domestic building projects invariably require a set amount of concrete. Our on-site mixing service is perfect as we give optimum quantity control, meaning you get the amount of concrete that you need for your project in Snodland. No messy leftovers. We also deliver in Snodland at times to suit you. For commercial projects, you are inevitably working to strict deadlines. Ready mix concrete is a great way to prepare your concrete quickly, while keeping your project running to time. As it’s concrete that’s very quick to mix, the required amount can be easily and rapidly prepared. This is also mixed on site in Snodland so there’s no need to be waiting for trucks to arrive to site. Our delivery service is available 24 hours, so you can get concrete on demand.

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We can also help you with concrete projects in Snodland. If, for example, you’re installing a concrete shed base then we can also provide the concrete for you to carry this out. We can even provide the exact amount of concrete you need. We can also help you install a concrete driveway by providing the required concrete. Our concrete screed services will ensure that you can complete both commercial and domestic flooring. Screed can be used for underfloor heating as well as for a variety of flooring purposes. We can help you with all these projects and more by providing high-quality concrete in Snodland.

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  • Fibre
  • Retarder
  • Superplasticizer
  • Waterproof mix
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Your construction project in Snodland could benefit from concrete pump hire. Concrete pump hire is the ideal solution to moving concrete around your site in Snodland. With the use of a concrete pump, you’ll be sure to get concrete to the desired spot: we’ve got the answer thanks to our large range of pumps. From the boomless minipump to larger boom pumps up to 47 metres long, we have a wide range of machines to choose from. This also allows you to carefully choose which size of pump you need. You can use a concrete pump for smaller projects such as DIY applications. If you feel that you need concrete to be delivered over obstacles or difficult ground, then you can use a concrete pump. We even send a fully qualified pump operator with our pump who can give you a hand with using the pump should the need arise. The possibilities are endless when you choose our concrete pumping services in Snodland. The pump will place concrete with precision and this is more efficient than more traditional methods. Both the domestic and commercial sectors can use our concrete pumps and this should help you to complete your project efficiently- at unbeatable prices!

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