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To both the domestic and industrial consumers all over Sheerness who are in need of an on-site or ready mixed concrete, Volume Metric Concrete offers ready-mix concrete at reasonable, cost-effective prices. These services are made to suit your specific needs. To start with, our team of highly experienced staff will discuss with you the options which will best meet your specific needs and provide a quote at no cost. Thereafter, we produce the exact mix of ready-mixed concrete and exact quantity require for your project. With this method, you will be paying for just the exact concrete you use, and not a penny more! Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a free quote. We are a household name in Sheerness for ready mix and concrete pumping services, and we are the choice partners of many businesses across Sheerness.

We handle every type of job with the same level of expertise and commitment, regardless the size, for us, there is no big or small jobs. We treat all our customers in Sheerness with ultimate respect and politeness when meeting their needs for ready-mixed concrete services. We have hundreds of satisfied clients in Sheerness who have purchased our ready-mix concrete and are totally satisfied with our top service, and will continue to do so as they consistently choose Volume Metric Concrete for their ready mixed concrete needs.

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Ready Mix Concrete Pumping in Sheerness

At Volume Metric Concrete, we’ve continuously developed and improved our manufacturing practices. We’ve happily delivered premium quality ready mix concrete and screed throughout Sheerness since 2006. Through this long journey, our staff have gained valuable experience in the field on concrete delivery. They are best placed to give you expert guidance no matter the size of your concrete project. We deliver on our services with the highest level of professionalism.

Our staff consists of well trained and highly experienced personnel. They are committed to delivering professional services you can ever get anywhere in Sheerness. Call our customer support team today and tap in to our vast experience for your benefit.

We’ve invested in modern machinery and equipment that produces fine quality concrete to meet your expectations like never before. Our ready mix concrete is available in various load sizes tailored to meet your exact requirements. This means there’s no way you’ll be left with excess concrete. Trust us to help you achieve your goals at affordable costs for your project in Sheerness.

Please get in touch with us and arrange for your order to be delivered at a time to suit you. If your company needs ready mix concrete outside the normal business hours, count on us to deliver to your concrete. We’re flexible because we know some projects require more time input to be completed on time.

Feel free to use our concrete calculator to know the right amount of premixed concrete your project will require. This will facilitate your inquiry when you call us.

For all your inquiries or to ask for a free quote please contact us in Sheerness today.

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Why Use VMC Concrete Sheerness

Over 12 years’ experience

There’s always an expert for your issue

Free quote and advice

Don’t get caught out by hidden fees during a project

Eco-friendly operation

We aim to eliminate waste every step of the way

A wide range of admixtures available

Durability is of the utmost importance when building with concrete, so our products are always mixed using high-quality raw material. This can save you maintenance costs down the line. Our admixtures the below. Also contact us for work in the following areas Ready Mix Concrete DartfordReady Mix Concrete MaidstoneReady Mix Concrete MedwayReady Mix Concrete SidcupReady Mix Concrete SittingbourneReady Mix Concrete Tunbridge WellsReady Mix Concrete West MallingReady Mix Concrete Gravesend, Ready Mix Concrete Croydon, Ready Mix Concrete Gillingham, Ready Mix Concrete Tonbridge, Ready Mix Concrete Sheerness, Ready Mix Concrete Sevenoaks, Ready Mix Concrete Rochester

  • Air-entrained
  • Fibre
  • Retarder
  • Superplasticizer
  • Waterproof mix
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Ground workers

Piling contractors

Driveway installers

Road and rail workers

Trade and DIY

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