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With concrete being such a central part of modern construction projects in Herne Bay, we understand the importance of quality. That’s why we only provide the highest quality concrete at VMC concrete in Herne Bay. With 24 hour round the clock delivery available, you can access concrete services whenever you may need it, keeping your construction project in Herne Bay running to time and enabling you to produce the finest quality work. Through our quality concrete products and outstanding service over the years, we have earned a reputation for ourselves as a leading concrete provider in Herne Bay.

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Ready Mix Concrete Herne Bay

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At VMC Concrete, our concrete services are available to not only commercial construction companies, but also to domestic customers undertaking DIY work in Herne Bay. In many cases, the amount of required concrete is predetermined. This means we can measure the amount of concrete you need before we dispatch it to your construction site in Herne Bay, taking some of the hard work away from you. Working with a predetermined amount of concrete means that your project in Herne Bay can also be a lot tidier, without excess and the need for tedious cleanups after all is done. Even if you find yourself needing more concrete, we can deliver more to you in Herne Bay with no fuss.

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With strict deadlines to meet, we understand that all construction projects in Herne Bay work to timetables and productivity is key. To help maximise productivity, ready mix concrete could be a good solution for you. With on site mixing services available in Herne Bay, delivery to site and preparation already done, the hard part is done and you can get on with what really matters. Deadlines will be easier to meet and you’ll be able to finish your project in Herne Bay that little bit quicker.

Concrete screed services are ideal for major household work such as underfloor heating in Herne Bay homes. It can also be used for many other types of flooring, giving any building a steady foundation for years to come. For all our Herne Bay customers, it’s easy to see that concrete is a concrete serves a huge number of purposes in the building trade. Being robust, having a long life and needing little to no maintenance, Herne Bay customers have little to worry about once it is laid.

  • Air-entrained
  • Fibre
  • Retarder
  • Superplasticizer
  • Waterproof mix
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When conditions on your construction site in Herne Bay are treacherous, with obstacles, uneven ground and long distances to carry concrete, a concrete pump could be ideal for you. It makes moving concrete to different areas of your construction site in Herne Bay so much easier. With a huge selection of pumps in our range, from boomless minipumps through to larger boompumps, finding the perfect pump for your project in Herne Bay will be easy

Concrete pumps can be used for both commercial and domestic construction work in Herne Bay, and have revolutionised construction work, making for far more efficient working than 20 years ago. With the new equipment that VMC Concrete has to offer for you in Herne Bay, you’ll wonder how you worked without it before.

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