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Since 2006, Volume Metric Concrete has been putting environmental protection at the forefront of all operations. By committing to volumetric mixing and mix on-site concrete, we reduce the amount of waste on your project as we only mix what you will use. Not only does this save resources, but also prevents you from paying for something which you won’t use.

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How does it work?

Volume Metric Concrete is the proud owner of an up-to-date fleet of vehicles, capable of delivering materials from our base in Kent to across South East London. First, our staff discusses with you the exact mixture and volume required. If you’re satisfied with our free quote, we then transport the raw materials to your site and carefully produce the concrete, carefully adjusting the cement, sand, rock and water ratios to get a perfect consistency every time.

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Over 12 years’ experience

There’s always an expert for your issue

Free quote and advice

Don’t get caught out by hidden fees during a project

Eco-friendly operation

We aim to eliminate waste every step of the way

The advantages of this option

Aside from the environmental benefits, there are a number of benefits to choosing mix on-site concrete including:

  • Caters to smaller jobs than is possible with ready-mix concrete
  • Mixing times can be adapted to your schedule
  • The mix can be changed even after the process has begun
  • The mix can be tailored to an extremely fine degree
  • Zero chance of having to pay fees to dispose of an excess
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Ground workers

Piling contractors

Driveway installers

Road and rail workers

Trade and DIY

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