Our Company Standards & Ethics

Ethics & Standards

  • Volume metric concrete limited is a equal opportunities employer, we have in place policies for zero tolerance against race, gender and disability discrimination.
  • We do not use recycled aggregates as this product will render our Bsi certification incompliant (readymix)
  • Our readymix plant is Bsi accredited and tested by a 3rd party UKAS accredited company to ensure we are weighing materials correctly quarterly.
  • Our Volumetric mixers are NOT Bsi accredited as moisture variations in material particularly sand make it impossible to guarantee the concrete along with too much reliance on mixer operator.
  • Material sourcing our aggregates are sourced locally exactly 0.9 miles from our base.
  • Cement is provided by 2 suppliers one 0.75 miles away the other 12 miles away from base.
  • Sourcing materials locally ensures we minimise our carbon footprint in a heavy polluting industry.
  • Our coverage we like to keep to a maximum
  • 25–30 mile radius majority of our work is under 20 miles. As our industry has been plagued with new starts looking to earn a quick buck over the last five years it is crucial we behave responsibly and trade within our parameters.
  • Transparency our readymix trucks are as
  • 8m3 readymix trucks x 4
  • 6m3 readymix truck.  x 1
  • 10 m3 Volumetric mixers x 3 limited capacity 9m3-9.5m3
  • 6 m3 Volumetric mixer x 1 capacity 5.5m3.
  • We do not claim to carry 11-13m3 on a 10m3 capacity, Volumetric mixer loaded legally will not produce more than 9-9.5m3.
  • If your being charged for 10-13m3 be assured your paying for fresh air.
  • Pricing readymix concrete is more cost effective as opposed to Volumetric concrete where smaller quantities are required and waste eliminated.
  • We are regularly asked to price compete against a random company who use Volumetric mixers the fact is independent competitors cannot profit from selling concrete at 70-75.00 per m3 when production costs are high the chances are they will manipulate the gate setting to eventually show more metres hence 10-13m3 loads are nightmare stories we hear regularly.
  • Volume metric concrete limited is now in our fourteenth year of trading the founder having been involved in the construction and concrete industry since 1995 has instilled his knowledge and experience every step of the way being transparent with our customers has made us a reputable supplier with 70 o/o returning customers.

Any questions about our ethics & standards? For extra clarity, call us today on

01322 427 999

01322 427999