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When carrying out construction work in Bromley, having the best concrete on site is key. At VMC concrete, we only provide the best concrete, delivering to site 24 hours a day. We know flexibility is of paramount importance on all construction work due to deadlines. We help you meet your deadlines through offering quality concrete on demand, day or night in Bromley. Get in touch about any of your concrete requirements in Bromley. We endeavour to get the best concrete to you quickly, at a time convenient to you. We’ve been a leading concrete provider in Bromley for decades and we have earned our good name through hard work and customer service.

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VMC Concrete is suitable for both commercial and domestic use in Bromley. With a lot of smaller construction work being specific in telling you the required amount of concrete to use, we can prepare this for you with no risk of residue for you to clean up after everything is done. We offer on-site concrete mixing services to aid in this process. Even if you run out of concrete and find yourself needing extra, let us know and we can immediately arrange for more to be delivered to you in Bromley.

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At VMC Concrete, we understand that construction work in Bromley works to a strict itinerary. Ready mix concrete aids in getting things done that little bit quicker on site in Bromley. We deliver your ready mix concrete to your Bromley construction site, with no need to prepare it for use. The hard work is already done for you. Where ready mix concrete is so quick to make and so versatile, you may find yourself working a little quicker than you had initially envisaged, which is great for all involved in your construction project in Bromley

Concrete screed services can be used for underfloor heating installations in Bromley homes along with numerous other types of flooring. For all our Bromley customers, it’s easy to see that concrete is a multipurpose building material, contrary to popular belief.

  • Air-entrained
  • Fibre
  • Retarder
  • Superplasticizer
  • Waterproof mix
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Perfect for moving heavy concrete around construction sites in Bromley, concrete pumps make light work of moving concrete to the required location. We have an array of pumps for our Bromley customers to choose from. From boomless minipumps to large boompumps. All offered with the aim of helping our Bromley customers complete construction work quickly and safely.

If you have uneven ground on your construction site in Bromley, or there are a multitude of obstacles such as scaffolding, tree stumps or buildings, then a concrete pump could be the way forward for you. With the ability to move around these kinds of obstructions easily, you’ll be able to get your concrete to where it needs to be, whilst still keeping your construction project running to time.

Concrete pumps can be used for all sorts of construction work in Bromley – both commercial and domestic. As little as 20 years ago, working with concrete was such hard work. Not any more. When you use the new equipment that VMC Concrete has to offer for your project in Bromley, you’ll never look back.

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