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2017-01-29 17:13:31

Volumetric mixer vs Ready mix concrete traditional method

Production rate of 1.00m2

Advantages of volumetric mixer:

  • No part load
  • No waste
  • Mix can be changed from dry to wet
  • Mix can be changed i.e. adding more or less cement
  • Able to do milk runs off of a single load
  • Material remains useable until mixed
  • Great for small jobs including paths and patios
  • 5 metre delivery chute

Disadvantages of volumetric mixer:

  • Excess bleed water
  • Too reliant on operators experience to produce a quality product
  • Excessive dust
  • Inconsistent mix if material is wet
  • Operates at 42 tonne when loaded

Advantages of ready mix concrete:

  • BSI accredited to ensure a certified product
  • Speed of offload is quick
  • Loading is done considerably quick
  • Operates at 32 tonne when loaded
  • Concrete mix is consistent

Disadvantages of ready mix concrete:

  • Part load charges may apply
  • No return of premixed material without a cost to user
  • Only able to give the same mix as loaded
  • 2 hour window to use concrete from time of batch

As stated above there are positive & negative points to both methods of delivery and we can accommodate both types of supply.

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