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2017-01-29 17:13:31

Supplier Terms And Health & Safety

We as a supplier of mixed on site concrete, screed, readymix concrete & concrete pumping will undertake the supplying of our product under the customers guidance. We do not offer a supply & lay service or levelling service. However we can advise should you need help. Upon arriving our operators should have suitable access roadside to offload the required product. It is the responsibility of the customer to have clear access free from any obstruction eg parked vehicles.

If there is a risk of concrete splashes on parked vehicles or any other property please sheet over to protect. Our operators will do their best to keep work area clean as possible though please note concrete is classed as dirty works so please expect some cleaning up afterwards which our operator will assist with. Should our delivery vehicles be asked to leave the public highway this will only be done after our operator has inspected the access road & finds access suitable.

Our terms of delivery will be shown & a signature will be required to accept our terms & then only will the vehicle leave the public road. If we are asked to quote on your measurements given please be be precise we are a reputable company who have our onsite mixers regularly calibrated & our ready mix concrete conforms to bsi standards. We have our readymix concrete tested in accordance with bsi terms weekly.

Sales terms

We deliver on the basis you the customer have the means of payment by card or cash. Readymix concrete must be paid for in advance and a delivery offload period will be given.Readymix concrete must be used within 2 hours of batching in accordance with the terms set out by Bsi to be compliant. Mixed on site deliveries must be paid for in advance.

We do not offer credit to any person or company without a prior account application being completed & approved by admin.

Readymix concrete which is not used will incur a charge for return of concrete. For our mix onsite there is no charge as material remains useable.

The materials supplied by Volume metric concrete limited are the property of the company & will remain so till paid for in full. The management will issue legal proceedings to recover the material regardless of what circumstance there may be if payment is not received in full.

We reserve the right to hold back any deliveries.

If in the event of a natural disaster, unwell staff, breakdown of machinery or act of terrorism we will not be liable for any cost incurred to the end user or contractor for something we have no control over & you the buyer agrees to this when purchasing from us.

We thank you for your business


Health & safety

Concrete & screed contains chemicals which if come into contact with skin or ingested will cause health problems. Medical advice should be seaked straight away. Wet cement burns can lead to severe problems if left untreated.

Please be aware you are your own health & safety officer, we as a supplier accept no responsibility for any harm that may occur from contact to wet cement.

Please wear the minimum ppe

  • Pvc gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Hard hat
  • Safety boots or safety Wellington boots if walking in the concrete.
  • Full sleeved top
  • Protective trousers
  • Ear defenders if using vibrators
  • Knee pads if kneeling in screed


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